Lingam massage

“Jenna. Thank you so much for today. You helped me experience something purely amazing. I am grateful and blessed to have had that moment with you. It was truly a magical feeling from beginning to end. You built me up so sensitively. Slowly and sensually. Awakening my body with your gentle touch. Activating my senses and initiating a connection between my heart, my body, and my higher self. Throughout the lingam massage you took me on a journey through my body. My senses exploring and experiencing an awakening in every cell. I rode wave after wave of ecstasy and arousal and felt a deep connection to myself I had only touched on before with my own work. Laying back and having you facilitate my journey within expanded my consciousness with my inner world, connecting me to an outer world that is universal and pure. Letting go and truly feeling my own inner power of arousal and awakening. The build up to the final ejaculation was mind blowing. I completely lost myself in an orgasmic wave that lasted so long and so full, my climax was out of this world. Thank you so much. You have assisted in awakening something very special in me.” ~ Shane